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How to point Diamond painting from scratch in Canada?

How to point Diamond painting from scratch in Canada?

Whenever you going to start diamond painting, make sure everything is complete. Always before starting any new Diamond Art Project, check the complete kit. Make sure the canvas is in good shape and condition. Check out all the drills' colors and quantity. Also, check all the required tools and accessories. In this way, you will not face any issues in the middle of your project.

Once you receive your 5D Diamond Painting kit Canada, you can start following these basic instructions to get started! So what should you expect from your diamond painting kit? Well, all sorts of goodies, depending on where you bought the kit from, but it should have: When dipping the drill pen into the wax, you must make sure that it penetrates the wax completely, filling the pen to its maximum.

Press the tip of the pen drill against the rounded or fluted edge of the diamond, and the wax should help pick up the diamond so that it adheres firmly to the canvas. Finally, it's time to put the diamond on the canvas, your whole life has been built on this, and now it's time to create and enter the therapeutic zone of happiness.

Make sure you have a clean and flat surface ready to begin the healing art adventure. We recommend a desk, or one with enough space to hold all the pieces and tools needed, the amount of space you need will largely depend on the size of the canvas you buy, some of our pieces reach 100cm x 100cm, you may need to plan your space ahead of time.

Quick tip - don't do this on carpet or a non-sturdy surface. Trust us, diamonds will be everywhere, and you'll probably Pierce the canvas with a pen drill. Pick a single color diamond and add some to your collection tray, for some premium/large diamonds you can add multiple colors as you are aiming for a complete section at a time with many colors. Quick tip - we usually recommend starting with the opposite side of your preferred hand. For example, if you're right-handed, we recommend starting at the bottom left corner of the canvas.

To get started, you'll obviously need a diamond painting Canada - we stock a limited niche range of truly amazing diamond paintings that you're guaranteed to be proud of and want to display on your walls, or even frames - more on this topic later.

Round drills are much easier to apply as they stick to the diamond pen better, making it much more efficient to pick up and place down on the canvas. We typically recommend round drills for beginners, at least for the first one or two canvases as you work up in size and complexity of your canvases. The Painting might seem a little less full then the square drills, just as between every circle there's the illusion of very small gaps. I personally wouldn't worry about this as your learning, as it's just as much fun and something you can breeze through a little easier with the round drill.

Wax is used to pick up diamond fragments, and the correct way to pick up diamond fragments is critical. Each kit comes with one piece of wax, a little more than you should need, so don't worry too much about running out of wax, as you may have a little left over at the end. When you start, be sure to remove the plastic film from the wax - some wax is less obvious and has a plastic film on top. So you have successfully placed a diamond on the canvas, well done! Now it's time to move on, one diamond at a time into your new happy place.

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